The Problem

Every year many graduates in biostatistics and statistics with passion and promise for drug development look to start careers in the industry.

Their reviews of employment opportunities and talks with recruiters and industry professionals reveal that to gain experience you need experience even in entry-level positions.

Our Solution

BIOCiS created a biostatistics early career center for drug development, where recent graduates in biostatistics and statistics with no drug industry experience get experience.

At BIOCiS, the graduates learn and do statistical data review, statistical writing, statistical analysis, statistical reporting, clinical trial simulation, and biostatistics operations for clients.

The Benefits

The graduates get the experience they can use to launch their careers in the industry.

The clients get high-quality, low-cost support right here in the U.S., as well as access to a pipeline of talent ready to work.

Everyone benefits.

What it takes to launch a career in the drug industry






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